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When most people think of their core, they think of strenuous sit-ups and chiselled six packs…

There is soooooo much more to your core!

The core is a complex structure that surrounds and holds many of our vital organs. These muscles not only protect our spine, but also give us great stabilisation and allow us to generate and transmit force. The core is the link between the lower body and the upper body limbs, thus it has huge significance in not only everyday life applications, but also performance on the sporting field.

When you hear the word “core”, don’t only think of your six-pack, or as it is anatomically named, the rectus abdominis. Think also of: multifidus, erector spinae, external and internal obliques, glutes, psoas major, transverse abdominis, pelvic floor and even your diaphragm (major breathing muscle). These all combine to impact your “core” strength.

When you have a poor or weak core, your body compensates to continue to keep you upright and balanced. This may result in excess load and stress placed on passive structures, such as joints and ligaments, as well as overuse or activation of muscles that are not in an optimal position to do the job of the core. Ultimately, this can result in some pain, discomfort or more significantly, injury! A poor core will also not allow you to achieve your athletic potential and hold you back from performing at your best on the sporting field.

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