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Running Analysis

Detailed Pre-screening Assessment

All of our runners have different reasons for running. Some love the competition, others do it for fitness and some enjoy the feeling of a “runner’s high” that pounding the payment gives.

Most of our runners want to improve their performance or decrease their likelihood of injury. We first of all find out why you run, where you run, how far you run…we basically learn all we can about you and YOUR running.

From there we complete basic assessment through eye-balling before preparing you for video analysis.

Video Analysis

We use video analysis and various technological applications to assess your running technique. This allows us to objectively measure joint angles, body positions, foot strike, cadence and other biomechanical measures needed for efficient and effective running technique.

We prefer completing the assessment in a controlled environment on a treadmill, however we have the capability to perform such assessments in the field.

Corrective Exercise Prescription

Following on from the pre-screening and video analysis, our exercise physiologists will have a very good understanding of your running goals, your running technique and ways of improving your performance and/or decreasing the risk of injury.

Further specific joint or functional assessments may be undertaken before an individualised corrective exercise program is created for the runner to assist them achieve their goals. This is usually in the form of a home-based rehabilitation program. For more information on our running assessments, please give us a call on (02) 5301 6585.

We also complete walking assessments!

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