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Respiratory Health

We speciliase in assisting patients with their breathing technique and respiratory health through evidence-based interventions and graded exercise. Many of our patients that have COPD, chronic bronchitis and emphysema have improved their quality of life through simple but highly effective airway clearance techniques and respiratory muscle training. 

The progression of many of the common respiratory conditions can be slowed by smoking cessation and pulmonary rehabilitation. Our apporach to pulmonary rehabiliation is three fold: 1. Airway clearance, 

2. Respiratory muscle training and;

3. Graded whole body exercise.

After partaking in our programs, our patients experience:

• Less shortness of breath

• Less muscle fatigue

• Improved energy levels and increased ability to undertake activites of daily living

• Less congestion due to improved sputum clearance

We ensure our respiratory patients are always exercising at a safe intensity through monitoring of oxygen saturation levels. The following conditions and or patients have benefited from our pulmonary rehabilitation principles:

• Asthma

• Chronic Bronchitis

• Emphysema


• Cystic Fibrosis

• Atelectasis

• Oxygen therapy

• Bronchomalacia

Often cardiovascular diesease and cancer get all the media coverage and attention, leaving respiratory problems in the background. This needs to change, as the poor quality of life experienced by people suffering from respiratory conditions can be improved. We want to help and we can help! Please feel free to give our friendly team a call (02) 5301 6585 to begin experiencing better breathing and improved quality of life today!

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