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Pre and Post Surgery Rehabilatation

We are very much raving fans of conservative treatment and evidence-based rehabilitation without the need for surgical intervention. There are times though when surgery is needed, warranted and recommended. We are here for these people too.

Many people that undergo surgery will believe that once they get the operation, the “issue” will be fixed and they just have to wait some time until they are “back to normal”. Unfortunately, having the surgery is only half the battle to recovery.

In fact, it is the rehabilitation that is done after surgery, as well as the preparation before surgery, that can make all the difference on the overall outcome for the patient. We are not talking about a one page piece of paper handout of exercises given to you by your surgeon’s admin team after your surgery either. The rehabilitation plan needs to be individualised, timely, evidence-based and progressed at both  safe and functionally necessary rate to bring about the best possible outcome from your surgery.

We have experience in the rehabilitation of a range of injuries, not limited too; ACL repairs of the knee, total knee and hip replacements, rotator cuff repairs, knee dislocations, spinal fusions, etc. As well as the typical musculoskeletal surgery rehabilitation, we also offer cardiac rehabilitation from bypass grafts, stents, etc. Pre-surgery rehabilitation is also getting more popular and rightly so! Commonly referred to as Prehab, this is the practice of completing some progress exercises to support the joints, muscles or structures about to experience surgery. A lot of research bodes well for undergoing some form of Prehab, due to the increased likelihood of an increased recovery time from surgery and a better overall surgical result.

If you are about to have surgery or have recently had an operation, let us know via e-mail (mail@motionasmedicine.com.au) or on (02) 5301 6585 and we’d love to help you get back to where you want to be!

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