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Our Difference

Our Guarantees

1. We will provide referrers, doctors or specialists with client reports within 48 hours of the consultation, if clinically necessary.

2. We will respond to all calls, e-mails or correspondence with 48 hours of receiving them and attempt to make contact with those that leave us messages. 

3. We only prescribe exercises that we’ve done ourselves and value evidence-based exercise prescription and treatment modalities. You will be prescribed what actually works. 

4. All our individual consultations are exactly that, 1:1. We value your time and won’t leave you unattended on equipment whilst servicing another cleint. YOU are our focus whilst at YOUR appointment.

5. We are NOT a “get-rich” quick fad. We generally care for our clients and aim to encourage lifelong, sustainable change and self-management so you can do more “living” and rely less on health professionals.

6. We offer a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee at the conclusion of all our consultations. If you are not happy with the service you have recieved in your session, then neither are we!


Points of Culture

Our team operates within the following points of cultures that are the six pillars that we believe gives us the extra edge in assisting our patients achieve their optimal health and performance. These points of culture include; empowerment, commitment, teamwork, integrity, ownership and communication.


We invest in our patient’s abilities to achieve greater and more sustainable accomplishments by encouraging them to grow and learn in order to promote self-management.


We are 100% committed and focused on our vision, culture, misson, team and patients.


There is no “I” in team. We are bigger than ourselves and work together with our team members and other health professionals to achieve common goals, ensuring the respect and care for each other, whilst being driven by excellent patient outcomes.


We believe that honesty is the best policy. We will always speak the truth and only ever make promises that we can keep. We only ever make agreements with ourselves, our patients and our referrers that we are willing and intend to keep.


We are aware and of the opinion that we as individuals are responsible for our actions, outcomes and conseqeunces. We are fully accountable for both our personal and professional practice.


We believe that clear and concise communication is the key to success in many areas. We speak openly, honestly and clearly to our patients, our fellow team members and anyone we communicate with. We are active listeners and take responsibility for your responses, ensuring they are of the highest quality. We only ever discuss concerns in private with the person/s involved.

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