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Fundamental Movement Skills

Fundamental movement skills are the building blocks of efficient movement and set the foundations for most of the sports and activities in our society. 


Throughout each session, there is a focus on some form of fitness throughout the activities. We even have a “Motion of the Day” focusing on a specific movement and area of fitness.


We LOVE to have fun! We make fitness, skills and physical activity enjoyable through out great programs, excellent facilitators and great learning environment. Motionman VS MotionKids is always a hit!

Why Motion4Kids?

The Motion4Kids program is the brainchild of dual qualified exercise physiologist and physical education teacher, Brett Causer. 

The facts and statistics are there for us all to see. As a nation, our children have never been more overweight and inactive then they currently are. To make matters worse, their screen time and sedentary time is increasing due to the technological advances in our society. This all contributes to an increased chance of chronic disease and poor quality of life for their futures. 

Anecdotally, Brett has noticed a decrease in the physical skills of children entering high school from when he was a student, even over the last 5 years during his time in high schools. If children don’t have the skill set to be able to play sport or be physically active, they are not going to enjoy it and this will further increase inactivity rates.

Something needed to be done. Hence the creation of Motion4Kids!

What happens at Motion4Kids?

The Motion4Kids program runs in line with the school term. Each term has a focus on a different set of fundamental movement skills that are taught through a variety of small sided games and activities.

To find out more about our current locations for Motion4Kids and what you can expect, give our friendly team a call on (02) 5301 6585.

Important Information for Motion4Kids

– We always provide up to date information of upcoming Motion4kids programs on our Facebook page.
– If your child is new to Motion4Kids, you will need to fill out a pre-screening form before they are able to participate, so we can ensure we are aware of all health and medical conditions to give them the best care possible.
– We encourage all abilities and levels of skills/fitness. Our programs are run to be highly flexible to meet the needs of our participants.

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