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Corporate Health and Wellness

Having a healthy workplace is a huge advantage to a company or business’s productivity and culture. As a business owner, supervisor or manager, getting the most out of your team is paramount to your vision and overall business success. To demonstrate the value of corporate health programs, over a 10 year period the Canadian Life Assurance Company decreased absenteeism by 23.5% in an employee group exercising 2-3 times per week. As well as improvements in productivity and absenteeism, providing team members with the opportunity to have exercise and wellness as part of their employment can lead to the following:

– Improved employee effectiveness and efficiency
– Reduction in stress and mental health issues
– Decreased musculoskeletal injuries
– Attraction and retention of top talent and value employees
– Enhanced employee job satisfaction
– Building of team culture
– Decreased worker’s compensation costs through decreased injury risk

We have a very flexible range of services we can assist you and your staff with to ensure you obtain exactly what you want from working with us. Some examples of specific programs we can run with
you include:

1:1 individual consultations including detailed assessments, plans and reassessments.
Delivery of group exercise classes for the team in a suitable facility within the company, e.g.
boardroom, outdoor areas or nearby gym or fitness facility.
•  The undertaking of one-off or regular staff fitness/health assessments and evaluation of employee job effectiveness from a health perspective.
Provide tailored made seminars on increasing employee efficiency and productivity through education on the importance of health, injury prevention, injury recovery or mental health management.
 Organisation and implementation of inter-staff health competitions, e.g. step challenges, etc.

In a world and workplace environment where we are constantly appreciating the importance of health, make sure that you don’t let your team down and contact us via e-mail or on (02) 5301 6585 so we can get your staff moving, more motivated and improve your chances of having a more productive workplace.

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