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Telehealth & Video Conferencing

The reason we exist is to ensure small rural towns that are often neglected have some regular face to face clinical exercise physiology services at their disposal. This can be very challenging and although we cover a vast area and many locations, we can’t be everyone and in two places at once. So that is why we offer an alternative to face-to-face care through video conferencing or telehealth as it is commonly known.

Many conditions we treat and manage, can be effectively done so with our practitioner instructing assessments and program planning from a distance, over a video call. Obviously, some injuries, conditions and disease states lend themselves to being more appropriately dealt with in one of our physical locations, however, we know this isn’t possible for everyone and hence why we can implement video calls to assist our patients, wherever they are. It is just another way we are bridging the gap in our rural communities. 

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