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We believe that as a nation, Australia is very behind in terms of the level of athletic development that occurs through the junior and semi-professional ranks of sport. Australia has outstanding sports medicine and sport science programs, but we are fundamentally missing out on the key preventative area of athletic development and ensuring our junior athletes move efficiently, are educated on how to best be physically prepared and as a result, have less chance of injury as well as enhancing performance.

We call our athletic development arm of Motion as Medicine, “Motion4Performance”, where we are committed to lifting the standard of education and application in rural areas to ensure our aspiring athletes develop their physical potential to decrease the chance of injury, enhance performance and begin to decrease the gap that currently lies between the professionalism with us in the bush to our city slicker cousins.

Our philosphy revolves around our 3 tier process to atheltic development: Release, Reactive and Reload. We screen our athletes for various inconsistencies in there movements and look to first of all release tight muscles and fascia in areas of stiffness. We then look to re-engage and reactivate muscles that should be working in various synergies, but are no longer doing so. A good example is people that often have low back pain with utilising their hamstring muscles more then their glutes. This leads to a cascade of problems, which ultimately exacerbates the low back pain symptoms and can even be the main cause of the pain. Finally, we look to re-load the tissue to the specific demands of the sport and the athlete’s goals. It is a very simple process but very successful if undertaken with discipline, committment and resilience.

So if you are a young aspiring athlete, a weekend warrior or an established athlete looking to take your game to the next level through athletic preparation and strength and conditioning (S&C), give us a call on (02) 5301 6585.

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