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Healthy Ageing

Just like death and taxes, ageing is inevitable. However, the lack of physical acitivity, chronic pain, cardiac issues, respiratory problems, balance and loss of strength that is so often associated with getting older, doesn’t have to be! Many of these issues are more prevalent in rural areas, like where our clinics are in Young, Temora and Cootamundra. We are here to help!

Australia has an ageing population and with that comes a greater reliance on medications, hospitals and other treatment modalities. At Motion as Medicine, we envision a world where people grow old with dignity, maintaining their indepence and as much function as they can for as long as possible. We are realists and concede that sometimes “bad luck” just happens. However, many of the chronic conditions, diseases and injuries that our elderly community members face can be prevented or at least minimised through lifestyle modifications and keeping active in a safe and efficient manner.

At Motion as Medicine, this is one of our major passions. Our AEPs love nothing more than assisting you to have less reliance on your walking frame, re-teaching you to safely get up and down from the floor to play with your grandchildren or just prescribing you a daily movement regime to assist you relieve the pain from that chronic neck injury that makes it hard for you to concentrate and complete your crosswords. Many of our elderly patients are intially referred to us by their GP to manage a particular conditions or disease state e.g. diabetes, chronic back pain, obesity. Once they learn the value of an AEP in their treatment plans, many of them have regular check ups every couple of months to progress their exercises to ensure they are maintaining their function or even improving! 

If this is sounds like you, your parents, your grandparents or a loved one, please get in contact with us on (02) 5301 6585. It is amazing how some evidence-based, safe and effective movement can make all the difference!

Less falls. Less cardiac events. Less hospitalisation. More independence. More time for fun. More life!

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